Celebrations & Workshops

Dive into a world of festivities and learning with our diverse range of celebrations and workshops. Our cultural festivals and themed events bring students together to celebrate diversity and foster a sense of belonging. Meanwhile, our workshops cover an array of subjects, from arts and crafts to STEM activities, providing hands-on learning experiences that ignite curiosity and creativity. Through these engaging events, students not only develop essential skills but also build confidence, teamwork, and a love for lifelong learning. Join us in creating joyful memories and meaningful connections as we celebrate and learn together at Shri Ram Jyoti Play School.

Educational Tours

At Shri Ram Jyoti Play School, we organize enriching educational tours that complement classroom learning. These hands-on experiences provide students with opportunities to explore the world around them, fostering curiosity and expanding their knowledge in a fun and interactive way.


Our picnics are a delightful blend of fun and learning, offering students the chance to bond with classmates in a relaxed outdoor setting. With games, activities, and nature exploration, these outings create lasting memories while promoting teamwork, social skills, and appreciation for the environment.


Engage in friendly competition and showcase talents at our exciting events. From art and storytelling to sports and science, our competitions foster creativity, teamwork, and confidence. Join us for a thrilling journey of learning, growth, and celebration of achievements.

Community Service

Instill values of empathy and responsibility through our community service initiatives. From environmental clean-ups to charity drives, we empower students to make a positive impact, fostering compassion and citizenship. Join us in shaping compassionate leaders and contributing to a better world.