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The “JYOTI FOUNDATION(SANSTHA)” Organization was found on September 12th , 2019 with the mission and vision of creating and spreading social awareness, ending blind beliefs and conservatism which are prominent in the society with the tool of education; and taking the youth towards the pinnacle of education, sports, health and progress; thereby bringing about development on the social, economic and educational front.

The Jyoti Foundation is known for having a great vision for how to develop and build the best quality education ever. We have been involved in bringing enough development in terms of social, economic and educational front. But, creating the best opportunities in the educational field is not that easy. This would invariably need help from the donors and volunteers who are willing to help us. We have been looking forward to establishing best schools in different parts of the state and region for both boys and girls- right from elementary school level to high school level. We would request our well-wishers and volunteers to assist us in our venture of spreading education. You can help us by becoming a donor or taking it on you to educate a child.

More and more people have been looking for the opportunities into how to become self employed. The situation has become all the more important and essential with the pandemic taking away people’s jobs. Becoming a freelancer and enjoying the status of a self employed person can be achieved if you have the best quality of education. Jyoti Foundation is involved in making this possible. We strive to train the boys and girls through imparting them high end education in computer hardware/software, industrial, technological and technical education. We are committed to bring the best for the young minds through an attempt at providing them with computer training scaling from the basic level to advance level which is the need of the current modern times. If you are looking to help us in this endeavour, you are welcome to share your ideas through several means . You can be a fund raiser, or even be a volunteer in assisting in our service towards imparting quality education.

If you are someone who cares for the growth of education in India, you should definitely be aware of the new education policy 2021. Aimed at making the education a fun activity and fulfilling one at that. Swami Vivekanand once said – “ Educate and raise the masses and thus alone a nation is possible”, and that should stand a proof to help you understand the necessity of education. It has the capacity of developing a society that helps everyone grow. The flexibility and the choice of the subjects offered to the students through the new education policy has been one of the unprecedented. Jyoti Foundation lives up to the dream of making the education a backbone of the society. We believe in the policy outlined in the new document and make it a point to achieve the best. You can be a part of the educational revolution by joining hands with us. You can do so in several ways. Join us as a volunteer, fundraiser or even a donor. Be a part of the Jyoti Foundation!

Women constitute to more than 48 percent of the total population of India. Despite the fact, they do suffer from a few inequalities and several other issues. The shortcomings in terms of literary rates, labour participation rates and earnings has been what keeps the women below par when compared to men. The government of India understands this disparity and has been involved in providing a host of social security schemes aimed at empowering both women and children. There have been several programs running in the country and a host of them come from the Central and State governments. Jyoti Foundation is actively bringing the benefits offered by these schemes to all women and children in its own capacity. The foundation undertakes the responsibility to work with several schemes that include Social Welfare Department and Central and State Social Welfare Advisory Boards, SIFSA, Kapat, NABARD, District Rural Department, NEDA, DUDA, SUDA, and Ministry of Human Resource Development. We invite you to be a part of the schemes and help the beneficiaries to get the best possible experience. You can be a volunteer, a donor or a patron and assist us in empowering the women.

Disability can hit anyone and it is high time we looked at the disabled persons with enough of humanity. The rehabilitation plans and programs have been developed by the successive governments, but none of them appear to be reaching the people that they are actually intended to. It has become utterly important to free rehabilitation centers for disabled persons under various government schemes and to arrange schools for the disabled. There are schemes and programs available from the government, but the issues in making these reach the needy has been a huge bottleneck in most of the scenarios. If you want to be a part of the programs and looking forward to the best possible experience in terms of an effective, efficient and cooperative plans to provide free rehabilitations centres, team up with us. Jyoti Foundation has been looking forward to the wholehearted support from its patrons in this venture.

Disability is not any result of a wrongdoing. Even your family can have a disabled person. Being human is to understand the plight of the disabled persons and help them achieve the best possible rehabilitations ever. Jyoti Foundation is looking ahead to team up with patrons and volunteers in this noble cause. You can help us to establish free rehabilitation centers for disabled persons and to establish schools for the disabled under various government schemes. There are several ways you can be a part of this initiative. You can become a volunteer and assist us in this cause for the disabled persons. You can even donate to the cause if you are not able to be with us physically. We welcome a wholehearted participation in any manner whatsoever. Do share with us how you would want to be a part of this graceful and noble initiative.

The art and music are quite critical for one’s growth. That would be more so for the youth out there. They can get introduced to music and art through several means. However, getting a good musical training and experience through a music school can definitely be something quite worthy and practically something we would consider a great option in the long run. Music can boost the young brains and thus can improve the areas of the brain that handle the academic excellence. It can also offer a great degree of improvement with respect to reading and math, and emotional development. Music can also go a long way in improving your memory. Jyoti Foundation is involved in making this possible through organising cultural events from time to time and also establishing music schools. You can be a part of this endeavour by staying in touch with us. You can help us and be a part of us in several ways. You can become a volunteer or a donor and assist us in your own capacity.

Creating awareness about the environmental pollution can definitely be something that can be helpful in achieving a far higher degree of improvement in protecting our nature. There is no different way that we can protect our planet. There is only one way that we can protect it. And it is through the right action. Jyoti Foundation is in the forefront in creating awareness about the environmental pollution. We do this by organising exhibition, camp and plantation drives. We make it a point to make people understand the essence of how to reverse the damage caused by pollution. Why don’t you be a part of the revolution and help us create awareness? You can help us and be in the forefront of out programs in several ways. Education and practise are the key to achieve success and you should be able to do it if you follow the right action modules. You can be a part of us in achieving this. To find out how you can join us, give us a call or get in touch with us.

Agriculture does ply a huge role in the Indian economy. If you are looking to be a part of the revolution to improve the use and adoption of high quality seeds to increase agricultural production, you would find it quite rewarding and quite innovative. Jyoti Foundation is involved in this noble cause. We have been involved in organising various camps, exhibitions, training workshops and events and demonstration. You can be a part of the program by becoming a donor, volunteer or even take part in several activities. Agriculture is the backbone of India and you can be in the forefront of this noble venture. Be a part of us and we are sure that you would like your commitment towards nature and farming

Social reform is a global cause and you would want to make it one of the excellent experiences in the long run. Drug abuse has been one of the huge social evils ever. Coupled with it are a few other issues that would include drug and dowry system, smoking, gambling and several others. How would you look to improve the situation and make it a great experience for the youth to get these social evils get eradicated from their life? There are several scenarios that you can b a part of the revolution to eradicate these evils. Jyoti Foundation is taking part in this noble cause by organising awareness campaigns and also help the youth who are already in the web of these evils to push themselves out of the web. You can be a part of this endeavour and become an associate wit us. There are multiple way that you can do it. Become a donor or a volunteer. You can even be a resource person if you happen to know the intricacies of these social evils.

There are several people who have been living their life quite lavishly and then there are people who do not have any option to enjoy their life in the right spirit. In fact, there are several people who cannot afford the basic requirements for one’s life. It is quite essential to check out the options that can be useful and practical in getting access to a huge degree of experience. There are several ways that you can make the life of these poor people comfortable. One of the excellent options in this context can include distributing free food and blankets to the poor and helpless people. Jyoti Foundation is a part of the initiavie and wants to get access to one of excellent experiences in achieving a huge degree of experience ever. You can be a part of this initiative by making efforts for distributing the free food and other amenities.

Social justice is one of the most important options that you would want to focus on and it is the duty of any Indian citizen to get access to one of the best options possible. Of course, the government has taken a huge degree of initiatives to uplift the downtrodden in India. Jyoti Foundation is one of the clear leaders who are looking for getting access to one of the exciting options ever. If you want to be a part of the good cause and join Jyoti Foundation to achieve positive results. There re several initiatives that you can undertake in this context. Become a donor or volunteer for the cause of the downtrodden. You may also think of coming up with your own ideas to make this possible. Join us and get access to a wonderful experience ever.

The society today is not universal and has a lot of discrepancies. In fact, there are people who get to enjoy a very lavish life and there are a few others who may not have anything to be proud about. We are talking about the children of poor, helpless, tribal, forest dwellers and other downtrodden populace. They do deserve a great life and you can definitely be a part of the good work. Jyoti Foundation is one of the popular organisations involved in providing you access to a far fetched experience ever. We are involved in organising a wide range of experience in terms of a well-organized library, reading room and playground. There are several other options that you can be part of. Be a part of the initiative and become a donor or volunteer. You can also be a part of the initiative in several other ways. Get in touch with us and we will let you know how to join us.

Child labour is a huge social evil and fighting it in the right spirit can prove to be a great option as a socially responsible citizen. Sadly enough, the child labour still exists in India and there are more than 80 lakh children working in factories, fields, hotels and many other places. Eradicating this is a huge responsibility for each of us. Sending more children to the school is what would provide you access to one of the exciting experiences ever. It can be achieved through an effective education and removal of child labour. You can be one of the right persons to be a part of the initiavie to eradicate the child labour completely. Jyoti Foundation is involved in the cause of eradicating the child labour. You can be a part of the initiative by being a donor and volunteer. Be a part of the initiavie by creating awareness about child labor and motivating them for self-employment.

Natural or divine disasters can attack anytime, most of the times – they may arrive without any warning. Even when they affect the people that we have not known anything about, they can be quite disastrous and painful. Taking all possible care about the people affected by these disasters can be a noble cause and something that would give a great satisfaction as a human being. If you are one of those who want to assist these destitute people who have been at the mercy of the nature, or the fury of it – we at Jyoti Foundation would want to team up with you. We are involved in providing all possible assistance to the victims of the natural calamities and you would be happy to join us as a donor or a volunteer. There re several other ways that you can be a part of our team. Let us have a talk and find how we can have a synergy to help the people affected by the natural calamities.

In the sphere of the social hierarchy, women do play an important role in the society, but sadly enough, they are not paid enough attention. They do not seem to be receiving the due care and respect that they truly deserve. The creation of the self help groups has been one of the strongest measures that can help them become self sufficient and have their own identity. Self help groups can be a great way to help the poor women with a weaker economic background to have a good deal of work and thereby help them take care of the needs of their family . That way, they can be the breadwinners of their family. Jyoti Foundation is selflessly involved in the formation of self help groups and thereby creating work options for the needy poor women. If you want to be a part of this initiative, you can find out the ways that you can help us and thus in turn help these poor women. Have a chat with us and let us arrive at the best options to work together.

Women and girls are most likely treated as just the home makers in most parts of India. That would be more so in the rural parts and perhaps in a host of socially backward regions of the country. Girl child is even denied a proper formal education in certain communities and villages. To help these downtrodden and often looked down upon girls, providing them a source of income can help them enough in gaining a good deal of self respect and confidence. If you are someone who is checking out the options for one of the best options to do that , it would perhaps be through offering assistance in learning sewing, embroidery, weaving, cutting, painting, beautician, wood art etc. and handicrafts. Jyoti Foundation believes in making the village girls self sufficient and entrepreneurs in their own way. The best way this can be achieved is through providing them the training or teaching options in these trades and handicrafts. If you want to join this initiative, we welcome you with folded hands. You can either be a resource person or help us in many more other ways. Let us meet over a cup of coffee and discuss how we can become a team.

The government has launched the Swaccha Bharat Mission, one of the largest sanitation drive across the world. One of the most significant cleanliness drive promoted by the government of India, it has ideally become a Jan Andolan and has been reaching unprecedented milestones. But, then – there are still those regions and pockets in different parts of the country, where the message does not seem to have gained any momentum. To make people understand the essence of cleanliness, it just takes mobilising public support for the cause. We at Jyoti Foundation understand the importance of cleanliness and the initiatives like this and that is exactly why we are looking to go with the best possible performance with respect to making people find the benefits of the drive. You can join us in this venture and help people in joining the drive wholeheartedly. To find more about how we can work together, you can drop us a mail or chat with us.

Today’s society treats a girl child as a burden and that has been more so in the case of a poor family. The crushing poverty has been one of the causes that has rendered a huge range of families unable to get their sons and daughters married. This has even made people take extreme measures such as committing suicide. Jyoti Foundation is looking to assist such destitute and poor families in how to get their sons and daughters married. We also look forward to assist the Orphan, Poor, and Disabled Children in getting married. If you want to be associated with this great cause, we welcome to join us. You can help us in several capacities. To find out how you can be a part of Jyoti Foundation, drop us an email or have a chat with us.

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